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New to Fitness


This section consists of guides and tips to help you achieve your fitness goal. Although this guide is made for people new to fitness, the majority of the information given are tips that can be utilized even as an expert.

Follow the brief steps below if you’re new and unsure where/or how to start.

Picking a routine

Firstly, before you start training and working out, you need to make sure you’ve:-

  1. Identified a long term goal.
  2. Established potential short term milestones.
  3. Use those short term milestones to achieve your long term goal.
  4. Conduct research into thoroughly reviewed routines
  5. Pick the most suitable routine that aligns well with your goals.
  6. <Link Routines here>

The reason why thoroughly review routines are important is that they’re likely to work for the majority of users. You can always update them after the newbie stage, and your knowledge has improved.

Sorting your nutrition

Secondly, once you’ve identified your routines it’s important your nutrition and meals match accordingly

You’d also need to ensure your calories and nutrition matches what you’re trying to achieve You can use !TDEE ; the TDEE calculator to help get your caloric intake estimate that’ll be closely linked to your goal Afterwards, the rest would be, consistency, motivation and most of all time Note: visible changes can take months (4-8months) relative to the individual For more information use: !beginner Also feel free to ask questions in the various fitness channels or preferably the fitness channel