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Lose Weight



How to lose weight?

  1. It boils down to one fact: You need to burn more calories than you eat.
  2. There are many ways to achieve this goal, and it will take time to figure out what works best for you. So don’t rush it, be patient with yourself.

How many Calories do I need to eat?

  1. https://tdeecalculator.net/  This tool should help you figure out how many calories your body needs to MAINTAIN your weight. And with simple maths, aim at a deficit. (Eat less than what your body needs to maintain).
  2. We can start with a deficit of 100 or 200 calories as to not shock your body.

How do I track my Calories?

It can be really tricky but it can be done, I suggest to use tools like https://www.freedieting.com/calories-in-food and https://www.myfitnesspal.com/, or read the nutrition facts of your food, if it has any.

How long to cut?

(for a normal weight/ body fat %)

  • It is advised to limit weight loss to 1% of bodyweight loss per week (except for the initial water weight loss) and
  • 10% of bodyweight loss per diet phase

Now remember we are here to promote Health and Fitness, that includes both Physical and Mental: We do not condone extreme methods of fasting, no matter what your body type is do not eat less than 800 calories a day.

If you have Medical factors/issues, or genetic disadvantages, PLEASE consult a Doctor before starting on your weight loss journey.

DISCLAIMER – those under the age of 18 should refrain from cutting unless obese or recommended to do so by a medical professional.