Which discord staff member are You


Which Discord Staff Member are You

Find out Which eFitness Discord Staff member you are by answering the follow questions

1.What’s your Gender:
2.What type of training(BB,PL,Cali,crossfit …)
3.What’s your favorite muscle group to train
4.What are your fitness goals
5.What is your favorite food
6.Favorite drink(alcoholic or not you chose)
7.Favorite Colour
8.Favorite animal
9.Favorite subject in school
10.Favorite music genre
11.What word describes you best
12.Favorite fitness activity(running,climbing,lifting,swimming …)
13.Favorite number
14.1 thing you never leave your house without
15.worst fear/phobia
16.Favorite season(summer,winter …)
17.Favorite ice cream flavour
18.What’s your shirt size