Test your general fitness knowledge - Part 3 (Advanced Level)

At 90 degrees of flexion during a squat, what is the typical percent of activation for the quadriceps.
What is the role of endocannabinoids?
A narrow grip bench press can activate the triceps how many times more than a regular grip bench press
Lack of sleep (6 hours or less) does NOT lead to which of the following issues
Tim and Derrick are both doing squats at the gym with proper form, but Derrick is doing deeper squats at about 150 degrees of flexion while Tim is only going to 90 degrees. Which of the following is true?
What is the relationship between osteoporosis and osteomalacia?
What are the functions of muscle spindles?
What is the functions of the pelvic floor muscle?
Where is the serratus anterior located?
Stretching after a workout helps to accomplish what?
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Test your general fitness knowledge - Part 3 (Advanced Level)
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