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Discord Partner Rules

Discord ToS

Staff rules & Guidelines

1) Follow all rules found in community ToS plus Discord ToS and Partner/Community ToS.

2) Enforce all aforementioned rules. If you are unsure of what to do, please ask for advice in staff channels. We understand you may need to act independent of the rules/guidelines on occasion if an unexpected situation arises, and we support you in doing so, however we appreciate if you would screenshot the events that unfolded and send it in the #deleted-channel channel.

3) Treat all members equally and fairly. This includes staff members. If there are any conflicts between staff, keep it internal in the #deleted-channel chat. If conflict is ongoing or cannot be settled independently, please ensure you contact Ayo or a Server Manager / Admin who will aid in dispute resolution.
3 i) When dealing with members, put aside pre-existing relationships with anybody involved in a breach of 📌・policy and act objectively. Favouritism will not be tolerated.

4) Retain a professional demeanour.
4 i) We understand everyone has their own individual personality and we encourage all staff to be themselves and engage with the community in ways they see fit, however you are models for Effective Fitness, so act in a manner that makes us look good (think; welcoming, knowledgeable, respectful, fun).

5) Do not abuse staff powers under any circumstances.
Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a penalty ranging from a simple infraction (3 infractions = demotion until you can prove you can cooperate with the rules) to more serious sanctions.

By reacting with , you are acknowledging that you have read, and will adhere to the staff guide.

Please make sure you can do a majority of these before applying

1. Invitation / Partnerships and Server Growth
– Expectations, constantly doing #🥇・bump-us
– Recruiting Partnership Managers
– Doing Partnerships
– Adding the server link on advertising platforms
– Inviting new member

2. Helpful and answering questions
– Always making sure you’re answering questions, being respectful to the community members and not being tone-deaf in situations
– Ready to teach and scout `advisors` to help in sections of the server that aren’t up to date
– Thinking of frequently asked questions that can be bot commands

3. Server Member Retention, and activity (text)
– It’s extremely key that you are active. Your activity will be tracked
– You should be a staff member that the community members like
– Defusing issues, considering member reforms rather than always punishing
– Fun and charismatic

4. Server Member Retention, and activity (voicechat)
– When you’re online, enter any of the voice chat channels (if you’re busy or afk) you can mute everything and move to the afk sections
– Ready to answer questions within voice comms
– Attend Q&As
Be respectful and fun

5. Event planner
– Run the monthly Plateau challenge
– Assisting in creating additional events and hosting them