Who I am

Hello I’m Wojtek,
I’m a mod in the Effective Fitness discord server and I’ll be posting some of my workout recaps here. 
stats: 19, 6ft3/190cm, 192lbs/87kg (note: I’m comming of a knee injury so my squat is still quite a bit lower than it should be)
Further details: I’m running GZCL’s Jacked and tanned 2.0 (
D1W2: Squat focused day (day one of the second week of the program)



I worked my way up to an 90kg 8rm leaving 1-2 reps in the tank. After the 8rm I dropped the weight down to the programs working weight and did an amrap (as many reps as possible). I ended up with 9reps again leaving 1-2 reps in the tank, after the amrap the program called for 3more sets of 5reps with that weight. 

After the main movement there are 3 accessory movements(Deficit deadlift, leg press and chest and supported rows). After the squats there where deficit (2.5cm/1inch)  deadlifts on the menu which left me feeling like death after the squatting. Since I was pretty beat after the deads and squats I decidded to go a bit lighter on the leg press and repped out 120kg for 3sets of 12-15 reps.


Current achievements and goals

Now moving on to chest supported rows I focus on this one more on heavier weight and really contracting the upper back.  Now on to the more bodybuiling type of exercises. First one is seated row, here I focus more on the stretch and form instead of weight and keepin it in the 15-18 rep range same for leg extention,leg curl and Hammer curl, really squeezing the muscle and holding it there for a few seconds and going slow on the eccentric. 

Duration of the workout: +/- 1h30min

Beat of the workout: shiro sagisu invasion ( to get me in the zone for the rm and this playlist for the rest of the workout (

goals: get back to 140+kg squat by December