5 ways to get your server partnered on discord

How to get partnered on discord

How to get partnered on Discord

  1. Be unique
  2. Be brand friendly
  3. Have authentic engagement
  4. Provide quality content or resource
  5. Have a high retention rate

Here’s how I got discord.gg/fitness partnered with discord, as the best fitness community. Hopefully these steps will help you, but they aren’t guaranteed as it’s only going to increase your chances but not an absolute methodology.

Unfortunately, getting partnered on discord get harder has the years go by, not due to discord not wanting partners, but because of the size of the applicants. In addition, a lot of previous communities that were wrongfully given partnership have made discord take a stricter approach when selecting communities to partner with.

Following these steps will not guarantee you being a discord partner, but it will increase the likelihood of your application being reviewed.

On How to Become a Discord partner

Be unique

If you’re another minecraft discord server, unfortunately the likelihood of you being selected will be low as that market as been completely saturated. You need to find a market that’s unique enough that you can dominate, for discord to consider. For example, there aren’t a lot of successful female fitness or vet support communities, if you create one that ends up being successful + meet the application requirements you’re more likely to be accepted than if you were a Fortnite or Minecraft based community.

Be brand friendly

As a discord partner, there’s an expectation that you set the standard that discord wants to display to their sponsors, advertisers and external/internal entities. If you run a toxic community, no matter how active or great your analytics are, discord will deny your application because they are not going to risk their entire business to support your community/platform.

Have authentic engagement

If you’re botting your audience like most crypto communities, these analytics are obvious and if caught your entire community can be deleted as it’s against discord ToS. Cheating to get ahead never works, if you need help growing find a community large enough in your niche, network with them and mutual grow. Authentic growth is way more valuable as the metrics are realistic.

Provide quality content

Whether it’s hosting podcasts or game nights or even fitness or self-help content. It’s important that the resources you provide are high quality this way you’ll authentically retain user interests which translates to activity that boosts the chances of you meeting discords requirements, and therefore increasing the chances to be partnered.

Have a high retention rate

If you meet all of the above the last key thing is to have a high retention rate, discord is a business like every other social media platform, and they make their money through users. Having a high retention rate proves to discord that you’re a valuable community retaining users to keep using their app, which in their backend they can use to translate to potential customers.


Overall, remember these are not the only things that are needed, but they are the key things that helped me get Effective Fitness, the best fitness community on discord partnered.

Best of luck and I hope this helped!