1,000 push-ups Effective fitnesS

WIN $1,000 - JOIN NOW

In partnership with Cadoo, we’re hosting a 1000 push-up challenge for a chance to win $1000.
This event is an opportunity for members to compete in the latest plateau challenge on the 9th of September 2022. The event ends at 16th September 2022.

How to join:

:cadoo: Download the Cadoo App
:cadoo: Set up an account and login
:cadoo: Use their smart AI tracking feature to record your push-ups

The Challenge is completely FREE to enter – as long as you’re a member of Effective Fitness.

:prizes: A chance to be in a prize pool of $1,000
:prizes: Number 1 will get a $10 bonus
:prizes: Anyone who achieves 1,000 push-ups will get a cool Role in Effective Fitness Discord
:prizes: The Winner will get a custom role, and shutouts on socials


Everyone who achieves 1,000 confirmed push-ups through the Cadoo app with their in-App AI reviewing system and human verification process will win from the pool


1. Suspicious recorded videos or tracking, will face human review
2. If it’s discovered you’re cheating or after attempted to cheat, you’ll be banned

This event is sponsored by :- Cadoo.io 

Join our discord for more information :- Effective Fitness Discord